1st Law:

Before these laws, the farmers can sell using 3 options.

1. Farmers can go to the APMC mandis and an auction is conducted to finalize the price of the commodity. But, farmers should pay some commission to the mandi. Farmers cannot sell in the mandis of the other states.

2. Farmers can sell their crops outside the mandis but they should pay the mandi tax.

3. Farmers can sell their crops to the government for MSP (Minimum Support Price).


Farmers are now able to sell outside the mandis without paying any tax. They can also sell in the mandis of other states as well.

Government: We have eased the process of the farmers and reduced their financial burden.

Farmers: By stopping the mandi taxes, they are making the mandis redundant. This makes room for some corporate entity into the sales of farm products. We will protest.

2nd law:

It is a framework for contract farming. Farmers can make a formal agreement with the food products industry to cultivate the required crops at the pre-fixed rate.

Government: We have eased the contract farming process.

Farmers: There is no mention of the amount of the prefixed price. What if the corporates offer a lesser price than that of MSP? Repeal this law.

Government: Ok. We will make an update to the law by fixing the rates to be higher than MSP.

Farmers: We are not satisfied yet. Repeal the laws.

3rd law:

It removes onion, potatoes, edible oils, oilseeds, and other commodities from the list of essential commodities list. If a commodity is listed as an essential commodity, any private firm is not allowed to store it beyond a particular amount.

Government: We want to increase the investment of private firms and the cold storage facilities in India.

Farmers: The disadvantages are obvious. Private firms will block more quantities of commodities and create a false shortage scenario and get huge profits. Please repeal the three laws.

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