Here, I will try to go down my memory lane and share my memorable cricket-watching experiences. First of all, I am an Indian. Are you even an Indian if you don't love cricket? Jokes apart, I was introduced to cricket at the age of 4.

During an afternoon in my home, my uncle (is there even an English word that would fit my father’s sister’s husband?) turned on the television. I was surprised that he was watching a program other than the news. Whenever I visit his home or he visits our home, the only thing he ever watches is the news. At that age, I had no idea why he was that curious about news (now too!).

He said that it was a cricket match. Before that moment in my life, I never witnessed these sticks called stumps and the wooden log called bat. I have seen a ball before and played with a plastic one. I don't clearly remember the channel but I guess it was DD national.

It was a match between India and South Africa. It was a 4 match ODI series that happened in India. Rahul Dravid was the captain of that tour and he was the wicketkeeper as well. In the first match that I ever saw, India batted first. This was the third match of the series and India tied the series 1–1 at that point. During the match, the Indian batsmen came and they returned to the pavilion. I asked him why they were leaving. He said that they got out. I don't remember the exact score but India scored a healthy total.

When South Africa played, I kept asking my uncle why they were not returning to the pavilion. That was because South Africa won that match by ten wickets. So, the first ODI match that I ever saw was a loss for India. So, India was trailing 1–2 in that series.

I don't remember much in the 2nd match that I ever watched and the final match of the series except that India was chasing and captain Rahul Dravid hit a half-century and chased down the total. Even now I remember his celebration. He was seen clapping with his bat after the chase. India tied the series 2–2. This was my first ever memory of cricket. After this series, I had an affinity towards Rahul Dravid and the position of wicket-keeping. My next memory in 2005 strengthened that affinity. That was the reason I never was a fan of Sachin or Ganguly.